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    • 91% alcohol & small cloth (For cleaning edges) 


    • Detangle hair gently before washing 


    • Do not over use products on your hair. Too much products will create build up on the hair and this will cause the hair to tangle.


    • Wash and condition hair with professional products only (especially after swimming)


    • Use sulfate free shampoo & cold water to wash then apply conditioner 


    • Brush or comb the wig daily from bottom working your way to the root. 


    • Comb curly hair with a wide tooth comb; from bottom to top . (Do not brush)


    • Allow hair to dry naturally 


    • Avoid using aggressive heat 


    • Cover your hair with silk or net bonnet for bed
  • Hair can be dyed


    Treat hair as your own 


    Flexi Rods will do well 


    Dry shampoo can remove oil without washing 

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